In the face of racism, we dance.

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Clement Cogitore adapts Jean Philippe Rameau’s 1735 four-part opera-ballet’ ‘Les Indes Galantes’ (The amourous indies) into a six-minute short film. Each entrée in Rameau’s work is a short story unified by the theme of love between exotic people in exotic places, such as Peru, North America, the Ottoman Empire and Persia. At the time of its premiere, the opera was a victorious display of French Enlightenment over the “Indes,” which then referred to the world beyond Europe. Cogitore adapts the final act of the entrée “Les...

Bernard Buffet, The Winter Palace, 1928 - 29, oil on canvas

The first painting visitors see in the exhibition "The Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage"  is Bernard Buffet’s The Winter Palace, which presents the St. Petersburg Hermitage painted as a gothic hard lined institution rather than the opulent jade pastel palace that it is. This fantastic painting serves two functions as it welcomes visitors to the exhibition. Firstly, it sets the curator’s motive for the exhibition which presents masters of modern art who wer...

(NEW YORK) - "I was a left-behind parent, and you really don't know where to run" Jeff Koon's explained about his experience in 1998, when ex-wife, Ilona Staller, abducted their son, Ludwig Maximilian, despite Koons's custody. 

Koons has installed a mammoth inflatable ballerina, Seated Ballerina, in Rockefeller Center as he is representing National Missing Children's Month this through to June 2nd. He was chosen by the not-for-profit Art Production Fund and the collaborating International Center for Missing and Exploited C...

The Louvre, Prado, Uffizi, MET and Rijks, these are all mega-galleries or museums of art that house multitudinous works of art. What these places also house are difficulties for visitors who are interested in having valuable moments with the artworks. Such challenges exist like the mass amount of tourists busying the halls and also the sheer amount of works on display can all take away from the actual experience of the artworks themselves. In the art lexicon this is called art fatigue.


Munich is home to over 200 galleries, rivalling it's sister city, Berlin, to the title of the art epicentre of Central Europe. 

I have travelled to Munich many times for my own cultural hit, but had always had the issue of not finding a city guide that provided me with enough information on the art galleries and museums of Munich. So, I put one together myself. I have since tried and tested the city guide and I enjoyed using it very much. So, I wanted to share it with you. You can download the guide as an e-book through th...

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art notes...

There are extreme differences between the values of painting and sculpture, and those of mass media. Art requires the long look. It is a physical object, with its own scale and density as a thing in the world. Its images do not pass. They can be contemplated, returned to, examined in the light of their own history.  

Robert Hughes, Nothing If Not Critical 

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