An Art Lovers Guide To Holidaying in Munich

Munich is home to over 200 galleries, rivalling it's sister city, Berlin, to the title of the art epicentre of Central Europe.

I have travelled to Munich many times for my own cultural hit, but had always had the issue of not finding a city guide that provided me with enough information on the art galleries and museums of Munich. So, I put one together myself. I have since tried and tested the city guide and I enjoyed using it very much. So, I wanted to share it with you. You can download the guide as an e-book through the link provided below.

I made this guide from a selection of my favourite travel writers, city guides and go to resources. The guide has been created by pulling together the best information from many resources and combining them together to make one succinct guide.

Since making this guide, I have made a few other city travel guides for art lovers. If you would like me to share those with you, please reach out. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy "Jones' 48 hours in Munich."

Click here to download.

Haus Der Kunst, located near The English Gardens. This gallery was once the Haus Der Deutschen Kunst, Nazi Germany's monumental gallery showcasing the Nazi Party's idea of German fine art. Today it is a non collecting art gallery, housing contemporary and modern art from international artists. (The book shop on the left of the lobby is fantastic, and behind the gallery sits a cool bar that overlooks the Gardens. This gallery is a must visit.)